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There is a visible growth in the number of people shopping online for products and services, and with this growth the risks associated with online payment are also on the rise. However, with certain security measures, it is possible to ensure safety and privacy of online payment. The lines below throw light on how customers can expect complete privacy and security when shopping on my site www.exposed.su .

Why Buy From Sites With SSL

As a visitor, safety and privacy are the foremost concern for you while shopping for products online. If you provide your debit or credit card details to any unsafe website then it might lead to your information being leaked, which will result in stealing or hacking of your data or money.

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer ensures that an online customer’s bank and other personal details remain secure while making online payment. SSL certification gives authentication to a website in a similar way that a passport does for proving someone’s identity.

You should search for websites with HTTPS as well as a padlock icon on the site’s URL to make sure that they are safe. Therefore, you should always buy products from sites with SSL like my site Exposed.

Safety To Pay Via Credit Card

Another important aspect that you need to know is that it is safe to pay via credit card. This means that you can rest assured that payment through your credit card will not lead to your information being shared on leaked.

Whenever you purchase any replica handbags online using your credit card, the credit card number that you type in does not get viewed by any human. Moreover, the page that you type your credit card number in is encrypted, meaning that even if anyone tries to eavesdrop electronically they would not succeed in acquiring your credit card number.

And after you have clicked on the “buy” button, your information will be directly sent via an encrypted connection to the merchant gateway where your card validity and other fraud tests will be conducted. Only when all verifications are made, the money will be transferred from your account to the merchant’s bank account. This shows that using your credit card for payment is completely safe provided you visit a site with SSL.

Privacy Protected In Our Site

All the above-mentioned security is provided by my website for the privacy and safety of customers. With SSL certification, my site secures the online communication and protects things such as online transactions, messaging, web browsing and emails for any visitor. All these measures guarantee that your shopping experience in my site not only comes with privacy protection, but is also a comfortable and happy one!