Answers for the Most Common FAQs at
1. The picture gallery of products on your site is impressive. Can I trust these images to be genuine replicas?
We do not blame you for wondering whether these replicas are indeed genuine or catalog images of the original brands. Because our company sell products of very high quality, telling the replicas apart from the original brands can be a daunting task. We assure you that all pictures on our website are of the replicas we are selling to you. We guarantee this 100%.

2. Some replicas look very good on the surface but break upon wearing them for a few weeks. Are your items durable?
We sell you genuine high quality replicas that are very durable. When you wear these products regularly, you can expect them to last for several years. We are very keen to offer you long-lasting items that you can be proud of.

3. I want to order several items, can I expect a discount?
Yes, we are very proud to give you the most suitable discounts for your orders. When you pay through Western Union, you will always get a 10% discount. Ordering 2 items will qualify you for a 5% discount. If you buy more than 5 items, you get a 10% discount for buying in bulk. Better yet, you get a 20% discount when you order more than 10 items. It doesn't matter what models you order; you enjoy these awesome discounts for items. If you wish to get details on our wholesale prices, feel free to reach us now through email.

4. I ordered a Chloe handbag and received my item. Now, I feel like I really should have chosen an Hermes replica. Can you help me exchange my order?
As a shopper, it is pivotal that you take your time before ordering any product. This way, you can buy when you are 100% sure. However, if you really feel like you need another item instead of the one you received, make sure to send the item back to us in no more than 4 days after you have received it. You can then choose the handbag you want. Please note that a fee of $40 will be applied to cater to the re-stocking.

5. I live in Australia, can you ship the items to me?
It really does not matter where you live; we ship the products all around the world. With our free shipping option, you will receive your orders within 11 to 30 working days. If you choose shipping through DHL, you will get your items withing 7 working days. You will see these options while checking out. The DHL shipping fee is $18.

6. What do I do if my package is missing or arrives damaged?
You must inform us about it immediately. Then, send the damaged product back to us. After receiving and confirming your situation, we will ship another item to you.

7. Why are your support responses not always prompt?
We sell a huge volume of products all around the world. Therefore, our support responses can be a bit delayed sometimes. Having said this, we strive to reply to your emails within 24 hours during weekdays. For quick answers, please refer to our FAQs section. Here, most of your problems will be sorted out.

8. Are all the items shown on your website really in stock? Or do I have to wait after ordering?
All items listed on our website are in stock. After ordering, you do not have to wait longer than the shipping time provided. Feel free to order any item.

9. Are there any hidden charges for duties and custom taxes after ordering?
For the most part, there are no taxes or custom duties needed after ordering and delivery. This is because most packages are shipped as gift items with no custom value. However, there are very few exceptional cases where duties may apply. For clients affected by such taxes, we have a partial compensation plan; even if we are not liable to the taxes and duties. Each case is tackled uniquely with its individual merits.

10. Can I pay through PayPal for my order?
PayPal is NOT a convenient method of payment at this site. This is because we will need 20 days before sending out your order when you pay this way. The best way to pay is through credit card. We accept both VISA and MasterCard online. If you insist on paying through PayPal, you must first communicate to us through email.